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About Us

Why we exist.

First and foremost, the company, Excalibur Auto Consulting and Leasing, was formed to bring the general public an easy, fast, and non-confrontational way to get the best lease deals and best bad credit lease deals on Long Island.
After over 20 years in the automobile retail business, the founder has used his experience and connections to bring the best lease deals and the best bad credit lease deals to Long Island. Consumers now have a revolutionary and time saving way to buy or lease their next vehicle.

You may be wondering how all this works. The company is not your traditional car dealer. Not by a long shot. We have no dealership, no lot. So how does this work? It’s simple, really. We have no pushy salespeople. No one works for the bottom line. The Team works for you. The client voices their desires, the staff provides the answers.

The staff is trained to:

  • Respect your time.
  • Actively listen.
  • Provide everything you ask for and more.

Therefor, we do not list fictitious vehicles with outlandish prices. The staff is trained to negotiate with dealers and secure the lowest possible price on every type of vehicle from a Hyundai to a Maserati. Any Make, Any Model. Furthermore, the staff is knowledgeable on every vehicle and will listen and answer each question you may have. As a result, the staff can also make recommendations if you prefer, and assist in securing the right vehicle. Then the staff is trained to secure the lowest possible price on your exact choice. Because of all this, all that’s left is delivering you, the customer, the vehicle!

The Best Bad Credit Lease Deals.

Of course, the managers specialize in the best bad credit lease deals. Simply stated, NO ONE can get the approvals we can secure. In most cases, if you work, you drive. The company understands people have difficulties. The whole staff is here to help. The Managers will work with each client and our lending partners to ensure all information is accurate and presented properly. The team ensures a fast, enjoyable experience, no matter where your credit or income levels are.

Most noteworthy, communication is a key ingredient in our process. To secure the best bad credit lease deals, the team will never leave you guessing as to what is going on. The Managers and the sales staff are in constant contact with you throughout every step of our streamlined process. The assigned representative will communicate with you each and every time there is a status change in your transaction. This is the second largest purchase you will make. The Team will make it an awesome experience.