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Best Lease Deals, How To Get One

Best Lease Deals and How To Get One

I know you see the ads in the paper for all the best lease deals and how awesome the deals look. Until you get there. Then the dance starts. It’s like some weird ritual we all must go through before we become auto warriors and we’re allowed to purchase or lease our next vehicle. These ad cars are called loss leaders. The dealer puts in the absolute lowest possible price he’s willing to let that car go at to the general public. However, the playing field has become so competitive that those deals have become so low that the dealer really doesn’t want to sell the car at that number. So he tries to move you. Now, don’t get me wrong, the dealer will deliver those cars, rarely, but most will not…..  not without a good, long negotiation and flared tempers.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Not anymore. There is a better way. Excalibur Leasing is the answer. The company gets the best lease deals on Long Island and we even beat those loss leader prices! Car Dealers have enormous numbers to hit every month. These numbers increase, month over month and year over year. When the dealer has excess inventory, he needs to get rid of it. This is where we come in.  These units become incremental increases to their objective. The managers negotiate the lowest possible price on these units and pass that savings on to you. Consider us the Priceline or Expedia of the car business. You never have to negotiate with a car salesperson again.

No Obligation Quotes

You can click on the click to call button or fill out the form to the right and see how easy it is to get your free, no obligation quote for the vehicle you want. The staff will respond right away. Once we have all the proper information, they will secure the best lease deal on Long Island for you. You have nothing to lose. You will save time, money, and aggravation. Give us a call today.

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